Sunday, 25 November 2007

Ikasumijiru Teishoku (イカ墨汁定食)

This was my lunch when we went to Ohjima. You must be thinking,
"What's that in the big bowl?"
Have a guess. Yes, it's Squid ink soup.
It is one of the Okinawan dishes and is very good for your health.

If you would like to know more about the soup, click here for information.

Actually, I rarely eat this soup. It was the second time for me to try it. The taste was very nice, and my husband tried it :-) He wasn't too keen on it though.

As I was eating the soup, I found that my husband was giggling. I looked at myself in the mirror and burst into laughter. I had black teeth and lips!!! I looked scary. It's not recommended to try it on a first date.

By the way, this is southern mainland Okinawa. It's very close to Ohjima (Oh island). Isn't it beautiful? It was taken towards the end of October. As Okinawa is subtropical, the climate is very mild all year round. It gets cold around February, but rarely does it fall as low as 12 degrees centigrade or so. If you are used to living there, you feel really cold in that temperature. Everybody in Okinawa wears coats and scarfs saying "It's cold!" It's not a joke.


Anonymous said...

from James Knott

I'm currently working on podcasts about Okinawa and thought you might find them interesting. I've included links to the 3 sites that they are posted on. has the best quality. Let me know what you think. Maybe you could embed them on your site.

Okinawa, Japan 1: Intro

Okinawa, Japan 2: Heading North

Okinawa, Japan 3: Hedo Misaki

Okinawa, Japan 4: Hiking Route 58

Okinawa, Japan 5: Hentona to Ogimi

Melina said...

Haitai James,

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I watched all the videos related to Okinawa on and really enjoyed watching them all!! I was very impressed. I will embed them on my site soon :-)

I miss Okinawa and my family...
I wonder when I can go back there next.. maybe some time next year..

Glad to know that you liked Okinawa. It's always nice to hear nice commments on Okinawa :-)